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City CPPCC Vice Chairman Deng Zili Visited Our Company to Guide the Work

2019-07-04 11:27

On July 3rd, Deng Zili, vice chairman of changsha municipal committee of CPPCC and director of new light alloy industry chain, and relevant leaders of changsha economic development district visited our company to guide the work.

Chairman deng and his delegation visited the exhibition room and production workshop of the company and spoke highly of the company's products and production.Then, he held a discussion meeting with the leaders of the company, and the meeting heard the presentation of Tan Dongzhen, chairman of the company, on the r&d and production of aluminum-scandium alloy materials.Leaders attending the meeting gave specific guidance on how to make aluminum-scandium alloy materials bigger and stronger, and also hoped that the company could put forward Suggestions. After the meeting, we will study whether we can give industrial policy support to the national key material preparation from the level of changsha municipal government.

Wangcheng through open zone management committee, deputy director of the city, the new light alloy industrial chain to promote SheHaoYu, director of the office, yong-jun xu, deputy director of intellectual property office of changsha, jian-ming sun, director of the CPPCC economic committee office of science and technology, associate professor of materials science and engineering college of hunan university wei-jun xia and looked through the open area city industrial development bureau chief zhi-gang xia together to participate in the survey.

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