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Hunan OSC Has Entered Hunan Emerging Advantage Industrial Chain List

2017-09-26 13:48

On September 25, 2017, the general office of Hunan provincial party committee and the general office of hunan provincial people's government issued opinions on accelerating the development of industrial emerging advantages industrial chain, in which our company became a key enterprise in the new light alloy industrial chain.

New light alloy industry is an important field in the market application of the company's products. The company's new al-sc alloy will have a broad application prospect in aerospace, rail transit, new energy, sports equipment, military products and other fields.

The successful entry into the list of emerging industrial advantage industry chain in hunan indicates that our company has become an important role in the new alloy industry chain in hunan province. We will take this opportunity to steadily improve the product performance and vigorously promote the market application.Strive to become an industry leader and core brand by 2020. 

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