Company Advantage

Hunan Oriental Scandium Co.,Ltd. is the leader of the global scandium industry. It has the world's leading technical advantages in the mass production and extraction of trace scandium and the purification and purification of high-purity scandium.

The company's products cover scandium oxide, scandium metal, aluminum scandium alloy, aluminum alloy containing scandium, etc., which is an important promoter of the development and application of scandium elements in the world.

As the world's largest supplier of scandium elements, the company has the worald's largest scandium oxide production line with a production capacity of more than 10 tons per year. It is the first enterprise in the world to realize the large-scale production of scandium oxide.

The company has mastered the technology of extracting scandium from titanium dioxide wastewater and industrialized production, which is in the world's leading level.

In the preparation of aluminum-scandium master alloy and the development and production of aluminum-scandium alloy products for civilian use, it has been in the forefront of the industry.

The newly independently developed aluminum alloy containing scandium has registered 7A48 brand in China nonferrous light metals standardization technical committee.

The composition and production process of 7A48 alloy reduce scandium content, thus reducing material cost.The traditional production technology of al-sc alloy is greatly improved, which is difficult to process, low yield and unable to be popularized and applied in a large range.

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